Fees & Insurance

Insurance Filing

For providers at my practice who are currently taking insurance:

Change for Living Counseling, PLLC

I am on most insurance panels and do accept a limited number of clients using insurance. As a courtesy to you I will bill your insurance plan. Please ask about whether I'm currently taking a particular insurance when you call.

I am an in network provider for:

  • Aetna
  • BCBS
  • Cigna
  • Medcost
  • MHN
  • PHCS
  • UBH
  • Value Options

I highly recommend you contact your insurance plan to verify coverage, so there are no surprises, since you are ultimately responsible for all charges. (For example, in most cases, insurance plans will not cover couples or marital therapy). If you are using your insurance plan and want me to bill for you, I will expect you pay the co-pay required by your insurance plan at the time of the visit. For more information about insurance and payments.

You, as the client, always have the choice to see me outside of your insurance, and are never obligated to use insurance, even if you have it. For more information see "a few words about insurance" below.

I accept personal checks, money orders and cash. I also can accept credit card payments through Paypal. Just click "Pay Now" below to pay by credit card.

Fees for My Services

My fees are as follows:

  • Initial Session (50-90 min) $175.00/session
  • Individual Session (45-50 min) $110.00/session
  • Extended Session (75-90 min) $155.00/session
  • Family/Couples Session $125.00/session
  • Individual Session-Brief (30min) $55.00/session
  • Late Cancellation/Missed Appt (indiv) $85.00
  • Late Cancellation/Missed Appt (couple/family) $100.00
  • Groups fees vary (these are not covered by insurance)

Don't hesitate to talk with me about my rates. With insurance deductibles and copays dramatically increasing, my negotiated self pay rates may not be much more than the copay you would be required to pay if you used your insurance.

I understand that times are financially difficult for a lot of people. I offer 30 minute sessions at a reduced rate of $55.00 to accomodate those who are struggling financially. I also take a limited number of reduced fee clients, especially as I am unable to take your insurance. Check with me if you might need my self pay rates discounted due to financial hardship. Rates may be discounted up to 30% on a case-by-case basis and on a time limited basis.

For more information about fees and payment policies.

Information To Know About Fees

If sessions go over the time alotted, my fees are prorated so that each additional 10 minutes is $20.00.

To avoid being charged for a missed session you must give 24 hour business notice. Since insurance does not cover missed appointments, it will be your responsibility prior to your next appointment.

For more information about appointments and scheduling policies and practices

Other services with related fees available upon request.

A Few Words About Insurance

After a great deal of consideration, I recently decided to begin to limit taking insurance and my participation in insurance panels. I made this decision primarily because I felt it was best for clients and client care. Insurance companies have continued to tightly manage mental health benefits and increase co-pays and deductibles.
As they've shifted a majority of the financial burden to clients, the limitations this places on services have outweighed the financial benefit to clients. As health care reform has progressed this impact has increased dramatically.

Working directly with clients, all clinical decisions are between me and you, not to comply with insurance requirements. However, most importantly, my work with you will not penalize you as you seek medical care and/or insurance. In reporting services and having to meet the requirement of insurance companies to provide a diagnosis, this will be considered a "pre-existing condition" and will be used to determine your insurability and the cost of insurance as you seek insurance in the future. I believe that getting help is hard enough. I don’t want this and our work together to cause you harm.

If I am no longer on your insurance panel, you may have out of network benefits. However, this will mean you reporting to the insurance company that you are receiving treatment, a diagnosis will need to be given and they will decide if treatment is “medically necessary” (because, insurance companies use a medical model that says treatment is provided to a disease). Then based on this they will decide if they will reimburse you out of network.



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