Therapy for Substance Abuse & Addiction

 Do I Have a Problem with Substance Abuse or Addiction?

Are people around you telling you that you have a problem, and they won’t leave you alone about it? Don’t think they are right, but you’re not absolutely sure?

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Do you think that you’re managing things just fine, but your having work, home or relationship problems and your quality of life aren’t what you want them to be, and you’re not sure why?

Not sure if the problem is an addiction or something else? But you haven’t been able to figure out what’s eating at you? And you’re not sure how to get answers and what to do when you find them?

Think the amount you are doing (of your behavior of choice) is “normal” and okay, but want to check this out with someone who may be more impartial? And are you wondering if what you are doing looks more like abuse or addiction, and how/if this matters?

How do you know if it’s a problem? And how much of a big deal it is, or what it will take to fix it?

Help to Sort This Out is Available


Often what defines something as “a problem” is if it is impacting your relationships, causing work, finances health, quality of life or relationship issues, so that you don’t feel like your life is meaningful and fulfilling. Whether we are talking about substances (drug abuse, alcoholism), food, work, hobbies, gambling, shopping, or sexual behavior, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of the role these are playing in our lives, and for things to get out of balance. Let’s face it, these things make us feel good in the moment, and so we want to do more of them. It’s how we’re wired.

If any of this sounds familiar, you are welcome to contact me to see how I might help you sort all this out and find the life you want. In coming to see me, you’ll get help looking at what’s working and what isn’t in your life, what you can do to change things and how to begin and continue being and living as fits for you. You’ll accomplish all of this because I’ll help you feel comfortable and listened to in the easy and interactive conversation and exploration we will have.

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