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Are you wondering what your feelings mean? Do they mean that you’re gay, lesbian or bisexual? What does this mean in terms of who you are, and how people will see you? Are you trying to figure out what your feelings mean in terms of your sexual orientation & sexual identity?

Do you feel like it’s not okay to be gay, lesbian or bisexual? Do you think the message (from friends, family, coworkers, the community etc) has been that being LGBT is too hard or unacceptable? Do you wish your feelings would go away?

Do you wonder how this will impact other aspects of your life and the rest of your life? Fearful that you will lose friends and family, and be isolated and alone? Or whether it’s possible to find acceptance and a full life?

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Are moral and/or religious concerns making you feel bad about yourself and your feelings? Have you been raised to think that being LBGT is sinful, unacceptable and/or morally wrong? Have you been taught that how you feel is a choice, so you can choose not to act on your homosexuality/ homosexual feelings? Do you feel like if you had the strength and moral fiber to not act on your sexual feelings and feelings of attraction than you wouldn’t be gay and everything would be okay?

What if you're bisexual? Is this okay? Does this mean you're in denial or just afraid to say you're gay/lesbian? Will you fit in & be accepted, especially in the LGBT community? Will this change depending on who you are dating/partnered with & if so, how? What does this mean in terms of how you live your life & relationships? How do you express your bisexuality? Does this mean you have a choice & so can just choose to be straight & not act on your same-sex attractions?

Not sure who, how and when to come out? Unsure about who to share your feelings with, how to determine when is the right time and not sure what to say? Not sure how to handle the coming out process & what this means? Struggling with how family and friends have responded to your disclosure? Feeling angry, disappointed and a sense of loss?

Have you defined and accepted who you are, but having problems in your relationship with your partner? Are you and your partner not getting along as well as you’d like, and as you did earlier in your relationship? Do you need support and someone to talk to, because you don’t have enough support with family and friends? Needing to talk with someone who really gets it?

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Getting Help that Really Helps

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In finding the ideal therapist, make sure you find a therapist who is more than just accepting and LGBT affirmative (a lack of bigotry does not make them qualified), but that they understand the unique needs of those who are LGBTQ (individuals or couples/families), and the complexities of sexual identity/ orientation. It’s important that if you seek help, that you talk with someone who sees that their are cultural issues that may make your experience different than someone who experiences themselves as exclusively heterosexual.

This is not to imply there is something wrong or problematic with being LGBT, but that issues of homophobia are a cultural and personal reality for many LGBT people due to societal homophobia and heterosexism. It’s important that the therapist you and/or your family sees, is informed and sensitive to that possible difference in experience. (Click here to learn more about the APA guidelines for a therapist to be competent to provide therapy to LGBQ clients).

I’d be happy to talk with you about your specific needs. Just give me a call, so we can talk about how I can help. Given my extensive experience with and participation in the LGBT community, and my educational background in understanding issues of sexuality, I think I can offer you the respect, understanding and informed perspective that may help you find peace and self acceptance.

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"Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful".

-Joshua J. Marine

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  "As long as society is anti-gay, then it will seem like being gay is anti-social."

-Joseph Francis